Origins of Turn180

We started Turn180 to help individuals who have alcohol and chemical addiction issues and wanted to provide a more effective way to achieve success and to help others remain faithful in turning away from their addictions and turning towards something of a higher purpose and that brings benefit to others in the community.

 Some individuals require attendance in a  certified addiction program and others do not but all chemical addicts need a plan for a successful path back into a clean and sober lifestyle where the focus becomes outward towards others instead of inward and selfish.

Our focus to better help drug and alcohol addicts is in the following areas: God, Friendships and Family, Volunteer, and Journal; all of which are part of committing to a plan for success that will result in a serious heart change and more likely sustainable success.


We are group of people trying to practice Christianity just like the Bible describes in the New Testament. God is the focus for all we do so we have monthly studies to help us understand how God feels about addiction and for the realization that we are loved and important to God.


Turn180 does not ultimately work if honest, loving and encouraging friendships are not maintained to embolden us when necessary and to challenge us when appropriate. We all need friends who will hold us accountable as well as to help us reach our potential in this world.


All people are inherently selfish but even more so for addicts. In order to truly understand the destruction our behavior has caused, giving oneself to serve others is key to changing your heart. If an addict can see past their own challenges and work to help others, it brings back a strong sense of gratitude for the life that we were given and the impact we can all make. Please refer to the Friends link for ideas.


Writing a journal about past drug and alcohol use provides a very lucid way to truly understand the impact of our behavior and to see the damage that addictions have caused in how deeply we have hurt other people. This experience not only helps the addict but also their loved ones who have endured much pain and suffering and so are also a crucial part of the healing process.  The more an addict is able to get to their true feelings in these past events, the more they can truly take ownership of their destructive behavior and start back on a path to recovery.

We welcome all people who feel a strong connection towards any of these areas.