Strength, courage, inspire

Turn 180 isn’t a recovery program. Turn 180 is about support for those who want to live a purpose-filled life and contribute to others.

What Turn 180 Means

"For me, belief looked like overcoming... For so long, my husband and I were trapped by our chemical addictions. But 5 years ago, when we studied the Bible and went through chemical recovery, I began to understand and believe in the depth of God’s love. Once I believed, everything changed."

I remember praying one day, talking to my wife, and then talking to a friend… when it hit me – “God can actually turn our horrible stories of addiction into something that will actually help people.”

God helped me overcome my own chemical addictions, and once I become a Christian. I asked myself, " How do I contribute?” Then I realized that God put it right in front of me…“I don’t want anyone to go through the same pain I put God and my family through.”  If I believe James 2 about putting faith in action, then it was simple, my contribution will be helping people like me. 

That’s why we decided to start Turn 180, to help others who struggle with addiction… Turn 180 is about turning to God, turning to friends with similar experiences, and turning to volunteering to contribute to the community.

-Sabrina, Robin and Bob