Strength, courage, inspiraton

Turn 180 isn’t a recovery program. Turn 180 is about support for those who want to live a purpose-filled life and contribute to others.

What Turn 180 Means

tURN 180 Started out as an idea to help people with addictions. We saw a need that was familiar to us and i wanted to meet that need.  We know the pain people are in and we didn't want them to feel that pain so we looked for ways to help

turn 180 has since morphed into a group of people from all backgrounds and ages that just want to help others. There is no such thing as "bad" help if your heart is in the right place. Turn 180 to us can mean all of the following things: helping, serving, volunteering, friendships, bible studies, real and meaningful conversations, truth and a selfless perspective with the accompanying actions to try and cause change and make a difference.